Corban Hairston, MBS Training Founder.

Corban J. Hairston is the founder of M.B.S. Training, Inc. His physical fitness performance & maximized levels of high velocity energy is not easily matched. He has over 15 years of Physical Fitness experience and proudly served in the United States Marines.

Corban's dynamic Boot Camp style of physical fitness training and wellness development have attracted the attention of both law enforcement officers and civilians. Corban's distinguished model of discipline toward physical fitness has proven to be beneficial in areas of Law Enforcement Training. Corban has shared his knowledge with the Cook County Sheriffs Department establishing the title of Drill Instructor for the Impact Incarceration Rehabilitation Program, Training Instructor for the Recruit Academy, and lead Defense Tactics & Controlled Force Instructor for Officer's In-Service Training.

Corban's goal is to educate, train, and introduce a better way of life to each active participant of M.B.S. Training, Inc. Corban lives out his training methods and projects a physical and wellness lifestyle obtainable for everyone!